Every day, around 3.5 million customers choose to visit McDonald’s. This is something we never forget – we wouldn’t have a business without them. Thanks to our customers, after opening our doors 41 years ago, we now operate 1,250 restaurants, spread across every nation and region in the UK.

For us, that means we’re a part of over a thousand communities. We take that seriously. Our franchisees and restaurant managers support local charities, give kit to local football teams and spend time training and developing new hires.

Our suppliers share this philosophy. Many of them have been with us since day one. We work with 17,500 British and Irish farmers, to give our customers quality beef, pork, chicken, milk and eggs. Every year, we spend just over £900 million with the UK’s food and agriculture sector. And we have suppliers in every nation building our new restaurants and overhauling our old ones.

Equally, we are very proud of our franchised model – around two-thirds of our restaurants are run by franchisees, local businessmen and women at the centre of the communities they serve. In 2013, franchising contributed over £13 billion to the UK economy, demonstrating the importance of this business model to the economic success of the UK.

Together with our franchisees, our suppliers, our employees, and the support of our customers, we’ve created hundreds of thousands of jobs and contributed billions to the economy. In total, we have contributed £43 billion to the UK economy since 1975, including £2.6 billion in 2014 alone. Including businesses in our supply chain, we support over 139,000 jobs. This isn’t just in London either: 85% of the jobs and economic value we generate is outside of the capital.

We know that to keep contributing, we need to meet our customers’ changing expectations, which is why we are investing in upgrading our restaurants and giving our customers the best experience and food yet. We’re immensely proud of this. We plan to keep growing, expanding, hiring and investing, so our contribution will only increase.

To continue our commitment to the UK, alongside our franchisees, we will :

  • Invest around £300 million over the next three years to update our restaurants and give consumers the best restaurant experience yet. This will help deliver more economic benefits to the UK than ever before.
  • Build on the significant contribution that franchising makes to the UK economy, by committing to deliver against the McDonald’s global commitment to increase the proportion of our business that is run by franchisees.