At McDonald’s, we are committed to providing our customers with good value, great tasting food, made from quality ingredients. These principles are at the heart of what we do, and we take them very seriously.

Yet we also recognise the challenges posed by obesity. This is a complex issue, and we recognise the role that nutrition, along with physical activity and lifestyle, has to play in tackling it. With this in mind, our approach to nutrition encompasses five areas:

  • Enhancing menu choice
  • Improving recipes
  • Increasing fruit and vegetables consumption
  • Promoting children’s wellbeing
  • Promoting informed choice

We’re proud of the progress that we’ve made to date in giving our customers a good choice, while improving the nutritional content of the meals we offer, and supporting families to eat healthily:

  • Reformulation across our menu has led to the removal of 341 tonnes of sugar in 2014 versus 2007.
  • Since September 2011, we’ve led the way in displaying calorie information for all our food and drink at the point of choice – on the menu boards – in all our 1,250 restaurants across the UK. We were proud to be the first restaurant to do so in the UK. The nutritional content is also available on the trayliner, website and mobile phone app.
  • We offer a choice of organic semi-skimmed milk, bottled mineral water, orange juice or Fruit Shoot (no added sugar) with a Happy Meal. Since broadening the children’s drinks range, we have seen the percentage of those purchased containing a sugared fizzy drink drop by nearly 53%.
  • We offer families the choice to swap fries for carrot sticks or a fruit bag.
  • We take a responsible approach to our marketing and only feature water, milk, Tropicana and Fruit Shoot on our menu boards, in-store and external advertising to children. In 2014, we removed all fizzy drinks from the Happy Meal menu board.

To continue our commitment to helping our customers make the right choices for them, alongside our franchisees, we will :

  • Give customers the choice to purchase discounted fruit bag when they buy a Happy Meal. Parents have told us that increasing the availability of discounted fruit, all year round, is the best way to encourage children to get their five a day.
  • Facilitate personalisation of menu items, as part of the revamping of our restaurants over the next few years. This will give customers the ability, should they choose to, to customise their meals such as by removing sauces.
  • Continue to open the doors to our supply chain and restaurants allowing people to better understand where their food comes from.