We’re part of over 1,200 communities throughout the UK. This is something that we take seriously, whether it’s by creating jobs and opportunities, investing in local businesses, or supporting the causes that matter to residents.

The independent charity, Ronald McDonald House Charities, has been our charity of choice for over 25 years. It provides free ‘home away from home’ accommodation and support for families with children in hospital. Our 14 RMHC houses help over 7,000 families each year stay near close to their children in hospital – whether for a few days, or even years. We’re grateful for our customers’ generous support for RMHC, and we make an annual donation to the charity every year, as do many of our suppliers, employees and franchisees.

For over 13 years, we have also partnered with the UK’s four Football Associations, to improve the standards of grassroots football across the nations. In total, we’ve helped train and recruit more than 25,000

coaches, raised standards in more than 6,000 clubs, and given millions of children the opportunity to get involved in football in a safe and friendly environment. In total, over 800 of our restaurants have a relationship with at least one grassroots football club in their area.

In addition, we were the first restaurant company to introduce litter patrols in the UK in 1982. We are extremely proud to be a founding member of Keep Britain Tidy’s anti-littering campaign, Love Where You Live. Our restaurant litter patrols walk almost 3,000 miles per week, every week – picking up all litter, not just McDonald’s. And the vast majority of our restaurants send out litter patrols at least three, if not four, times a day.

For us, being a good neighbour is a critical part of our business, and we’ll keep working hard to make a difference to local communities.

To continue our commitment to the communities we operate in, alongside our franchisees, we will :

  • Continue to invest in the local communities we serve. This will continue to include (but is not limited to) support for local football teams, cleaning up litter, supporting local causes, and facilitating community-focused events, whether chairing BIDs or organising the sprucing up of a local community centre.
  • Distribute over 60,000 free football kits to accredited clubs across the UK, each season, by the end of 2018. As a part of this, we will make sure that teams from across the whole of the UK benefit, including girls’ teams, because we believe that more young girls and women getting involved in football is good for the sport. As part of this belief, we will continue to monitor uptake of kits by girls and mixed team clubs; recruit female football ambassadors, to encourage girls’ participation; and continue to support the mums and dads who give up their time to support local clubs.
  • Commit to investing in litter prevention as well as collection. As signatories to Keep Britain Tidy’s Litter Prevention Commitment, we are undertaking research to understand littering behaviours and the impact of the external environment, such as litter bin design and placement. This research will inform our future litter programmes. We will also continue to support Keep Scotland Beautiful, Keep Wales Tidy, and Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful.
  • With our customers, continue to build on our support for RMHC. Annually, together we donate approximately £5.6 million.


Faye and Carl Axford’s son Callum was born prematurely with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) – a life-threatening condition which can prevent a baby’s lungs from developing properly. At three days old and weighing just 5lb and 4 ounces, he underwent a lifesaving operation, but his left lung was left only a third of the size it should have been, and Callum developed chronic lung disease.

Faye and Carl were told their baby had only a 20% chance of survival, but the couple never gave up hope. Ronald McDonald House Charities was there to offer free accommodation and support for the 231 days Callum spent in hospital.

Callum, now five years old, has overcome many obstacles in his life so far, and his health is improving. The family have become keen supporters of Ronald McDonald House Camberwell and have raised over £10,000.